Highlights: Pipeline Surf Medicine Conference

Highlights: Pipeline Surf Medicine Conference from The EASD on Vimeo. The Pipeline Surf Medicine Conference was organised by Waves of Health in conjunction with the Straub Clinic and Hospital, Honolulu, Hawaii, and took place on Saturday, 06/12/2014. Medical specialists, including Dr. Clayton Everline MD, and allied healthcare professionals gathered to share their knowledge, experience, and […]

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Rips and stuff!

“Rip Currents … What Every Water User Needs to Know” by Tim Jones Rips are, to most of us, a fantastic aid to our surfing when understood. They help us pass out through waves to the takeoff area and often they define the “peak” and create a better breaking wave. So what are rips? A […]

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Safety in the Surf

“Preparation is key to staying safe” by Peter Conroy Developing robust ‘in-the-surf’ safety procedures, like those we employ for fighting fires and tackling other emergencies, has long been a personal goal of mine. Surfing safety is quite new to Ireland, as is surfing.  Devising procedures for safety in the surf is, relatively speaking, in its […]

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Cold Water Immersion

“Cold water immersion – treatment and practicalities in the field” by Dr. Patrick Buck Treating a drowning or hypothermic casualty in the field will always present a number of challenges for a first responder.  Psychological stressors, lack of equipment, unfamiliar terrain and perhaps hostile conditions can combine to make the task formidable. It is for […]

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Pipeline: A Contest Doc’s Unique Perspective

“Field Notes from the Pipeline” by Dr.Terry Farrell This year’s Billabong Pipe Masters was a very special event for many reasons. The event was held in honor of Andy Irons, who passed away in 2011. It  marked a changing of the guard, with Gabriel Medina ushered in as the new world champion and first from Brazil. Julian Wilson […]

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