Conference Speakers

Dr. Michael Wanscher (Denmark)

In-hospital Resuscitation, Drowning, Hypothermic Circulatory Arrest, Extra-Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO), the Intensivist perspective

MD. PhD. Anesthesiologist-Intensivist. Clinical Director, Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Unit Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Denmark

Michael will share his experience of In-hospital resuscitation of hypothermic circulatory arrest following drowning at Conference 2014

Steen BarnungDr. Steen Barnung (Denmark)

Pre-hospital experience of two cases of mass drowning in Denmark

Consultant at Department of Anesthesia Center of Head and Orthopedics, Copenhagen University Hospital, Rigshospitalet, Denmark

Steen will lecture at Conference 2014 on the Pre-hospital experience of two Danish cases of mass drowning, including the Præstø Fjord boating accident in 2011

koDr. Karina Oliani (Brazil)

Extreme Environments, Expedition Medicine, Survival, Preparation, Risk Management

Currently, Dr. Oliani is the President of ABMAR (Brazilian Wilderness Medicine and Adventure Sports Society) based in São Paulo. The main goal of ABMAR is to educate, increase awareness of, and promote scientific Expedition and Remote Medicine in the main Brazilian universities

Karina will lecture on Extreme Environment Expedition Medicine at Conference 2014

profile pic 3Dr. Patrick Morgan (UK)

Drowning, Search and Rescue, Critical Care

Dr. Morgan is an Anaesthetic and Critical Care Doctor in the Bristol (UK) region and with the Great Western Air Ambulance; until recently he was also a technical rope and water rescue technician with Avon and Somerset Search and Rescue

Paddy will lecture on and deliver the Masterclass in Drowning at Conference 2014


The 2nd Annual Conference Surfing Medicine2-5 October 2013, SagrDr. Greg Dillon (USA)
Drop-in Turn-on Tune-out: Commitment, Death, and Anxiety
Consultant Psychiatrist (General Psychiatry and Addiction). Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Public Health at the Weill Cornell School of Medicine at New York Presbyterian Hospital, New York City, USA
Greg will lecture on the Psychology of Dropping-in and how this relates to challenges in life. He will also lecture at the Surfer’s Academy and deliver the Masterclass in Surfing Medicine: Surf-Head at Conference 2014

Dr. Onno ten Berge (The Netherlands)

Surfer’s Skin, Prevention, Sunscreen

Consultant Dermatologist

Onno will co-lecture on The Surfer’s Skin with Dr. Till Geimer at Conference 2014

Dr. Till Geimer (Germany)

UV-related Skin Disease, Surfer’s Skin, Sunscreen

Dermatology Resident at the Department of Dermatology & Allergology, Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich, Germany

Till will co-lecture on The Surfer’s Skin with Dr. Onno ten Berge at Conference 2014

The 2nd Annual Conference Surfing MedicineProf. Miguel Moreira (Portugal)

Training and Performance, Surfer’s Physiology, Surf Science

Professor in Human Kinetics, Technical University Lisbon, Portugal

Miguel will lecture on Training and Perfromance at Conference 2014 and the Surfer’s Academy and deliver the Masterclass in Surfing Medicine: Training and Performance

Tim Jones (Lanzarote)Tim Jones (Lanzarote)
Surfing and Substance Abuse, Safe Surfing, Training and Performance
ISA Certified Surf Instructor & Director of Surf School Lanzarote, Caleta de Famara, Spain
Tim Jones will lecture on Safe Surfing at the Surfer’s Academy and co-deliver the Masterclass in Surfing and Substance Abuse with Dr. Loes Hanck at Conference 2014


Dr. Clayton Everline (Hawaii)

Sports Medicine, the Surfing Athlete, Surfers’ Physiology

Diplomate in Sports Medicine and Internal Medicine Board Certified / Fellow of the American College of Physicians / Fellow of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine / Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine: University of Hawaii John A Burns School of Medicine and A.T. Still University / Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery: Seton Hall University School of Health and Medical Sciences / Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

Clayton will lecture on The Assessment of the Surfing Athlete at Conference 2014 and on Surfing Injuries at the Surfer’s Academy

Dr. Patrick Scully (Ireland)

Nutrition and Surfing Longevity: So you still want to be surfing at 70!

General Practitioner. MSc Nutritional Medicine

Paddy will lecture on Nutrition and Surfing Longevity at Conference 2014 and the Surfer’s Academy

Peter Conroy (Ireland)Peter Conroy (Ireland)

Big Wave Rescue, Tow-in, Impact Zone, Jet-ski Retrieval

Paramedic and Firefighter for Dublin Emergency Services. Certified Lifeguard

Peter will lecture on Risk Assessment and Safety in Big Wave Surfing and co-deliver a Lifeguard Workshop with Hans van de Broek at Conference 2014

Terry_FarrellDr.Terry Farrell (USA)

Heads-Up Surfing; Head Trauma, TBI, Concussion, Management in Remote Settings, Evacuation

Board Certified in Emergency Medicine. Board Certified in Family Practice. Practicing Full-Time, Emergency Medicine, United States

Terry will lecture on Traumatic Head Injury in Surfing at Conference 2014

Hans van de Broek (The Netherlands)

Lifeguarding, Water Safety, Training and Performance, Education

Certified Lifeguard. Surf School Director of Surfles, Scheveningen, The Netherlands

Hans will co-coordinate the Lifeguarding Workshop at Conference 2014 and deliver the Surfer’s Academy Talk Deconstructing Manoeuvres

Dr. Nuno Lanca (Portugal)

Spinal Injuries in Surfing

Senior Resident Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Hospital de Nossa Senhora do Rosário. ASLS Instructor

Nuno will lecture on Spinal Injuries in Surfing at Conference 2014

IMG_3713_1Dr. Loes Hanck (The Netherlands)

Masterclass in Surfing and Substance Abuse

Registered Addiction Medicine Specialist (with special interest in opioid dependency and hallucinogen persisting perception disorder), Jellinek, Amsterdam

Loes will co-present the Masterclass in Surfing and Substance Abuse with Tim Jones

Dr. Ingvar Berg (The Netherlands)

Masterclass in Remote Ultrasound

MD, President and co-founder of The European Association of Surfing Doctors, Emergency Medicine Registrar, ASLS, AWLS, Emergency Medicine Ultrasound Instructor

Ingvar is working as a registrar in Emergency Medicine. He is an EGLS Ultrasound Course Instructor and will co-deliver the Masterclass in Remote Ultrasound at Conference 2014

Coming Home to Ground

The first time I met Fergal I was pleasantly surprised by how affable, unassuming, and down-to-earth he was. We talked about common interests; no, not surfing especially (although it may have been discussed), but trees. Fergal and his brother, Kevin, had only recently begun posting their Growing Series online. It was through this medium that I […]

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“I paddled fast to my left, angling toward the next wave, stroked and stood and felt the board accelerate and pumped once and into my bottom turn, and then the world vanished. There was no self, no other. For an instant, I didn’t know where I ended and the wave began. This was an instant […]

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Drop In Turn On Tune Out: Commitment, Death, and Anxiety

“Surfing gives you very elemental illustrations of broader truths by serving as a microcosm that we can grasp” – Steve Pezman, surfing sage, The Surfer’s Journal Publisher, and then SURFER Magazine Editor in conversation with countercultural icon, Timothy Leary, in 1978 (1,2). Just one articulation of why surfing means so much to us. There are […]

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Heads-Up Surfing!

Protective Head Gear: How come this never caught on? We know surfing has a relatively low risk of injury in comparison to a range of other sports.  Nathanson et al. reported an acute injury rate of 0.9 injuries/person/year (1) in an observational, retrospective study of acute and chronic surfing-related injuries using a web-based multiple choice […]

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Pre- and In-hospital resuscitation strategies in accidental hypothermia

Focus on Resuscitation – 10th September 2014 The European Association of Surfing Doctors (EASD) are delighted to welcome Dr. Michael Wanscher and Dr. Steen Barnung to Ireland to speak on Pre- and In-hospital resuscitation strategies in accidental hypothermia at the 3rd Annual Conference in Surfing Medicine, The Glasshouse, Sligo on 10th September 2014. Dr. Barnung […]

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16 EACCME Credits!

Breaking News! This just in … Hot off the press. We’re delighted to announce that: The ‘The European Association of Surfing Doctors (EASD)’ (or) ’3rd Annual Conference Surfing Medicine’ is accredited by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME) to provide the following CME activity for medical specialists. The EACCME is an institution […]

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Performance & 2D:4D

Could prenatal hormone levels influence surfing prowess? The relative length of your second digit (i.e. index finger, 2D) to that of your fourth (ring finger, 4D) expressed as a fraction is known as the digit ratio or 2D:4D. This ratio has been demonstrated to correlate with performance in numerous sports research (1) and is thought […]

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Surf Science Snapshot!

Short & stocky or tall & thin … what make-up are pro-surfers? MR standing tall at Off the Wall 1976 Although the evidence is limited, Mendez-Villanueva and Bishop (1) find, in their comprehensive review of the literature, that competitive surfers seem to be shorter and lighter than their average age-matched sporting counterparts. They report that […]

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Paddling Around!

Are we really paddling that much? In a study performed at the Sports Performance Research Institute at Auckland Technical University by Farley et al. (1) twelve nationally ranked NZ surfers were equipped with heart rate (HR) monitoring devices, global positioning system (GPS) units, and were videoed during two competitive heats. The greatest amount of time […]

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Surfer’s Academy Unleashed!

The Surfer’s Academy! – Trailer series from The EASD on Vimeo. The Surfer’s Academy! – Trailer series from The EASD on Vimeo. SURFER’S ACADEMY, Saturday 13th September 2014 The Glasshouse, Sligo, North-West Coast Ireland Wow … So what’s this all about? The Surfer’s Academy marks the beginning of the EASD’s Outreach Program – translating our […]

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What is your Specialty?

Let’s take a look at the demographics of Conference 2014. Based on applications so far, it’s a veritable United Nations (UN) of Surfing Health Professionals! As always, a broad spectrum of specialties is represented, with strong showings by General Practitioners / Family Medicine Specialists, Physiotherapists, and Emergency Medicine Doctors. But there’ll also be attendees flying […]

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Wake Up! Keeping the Boardrider Healthy and Safe

News from our men in Vienna … Surfing is our love, medicine our passion, but we are not only surfers! EASD members are also Skaters, Snowboarders, Kite-surfers, Windsurfers, and many of them wakeboarders. Belonging to the board sport family, wakeboarding produces similar injuries and health problems as surfing does. For many years, the surf community […]

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Last chance to submit your research!

The revised deadline of the 1st August 2014 is looming for research abstract submission! You’d better get your skates on if you want to present your research in Ireland at this year’s Conference. We will accept abstract submissions up to midnight on the 1st August 2014, after that, you’ll just have to wait another year. […]

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Conference 2014 delegates draped in Style …

As if World-Class Speakers, Stunningly Beautiful Locations, and Prime Surfing were not enough … we’ll see you decked-out in comfort and style at Conference 2014 as well. The European Association of Surfing Doctors (EASD) has teamed up with premium Irish Surf Brand, Emerald Surfwear, to bring Conference attendees something special to capture your time in […]

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Introducing the “Masterclass in Surfing Medicine”

The 3rd Annual Conference in Surfing Medicine (The Glasshouse, Sligo, Ireland, 9th-13th September 2014) sees the introduction of the Masterclass. You’ll have the possibility to participate in two (2) different Masterclasses, one during the afternoon of the 10th and another on the morning of the 12th. In a small group (10-12 persons) of stoked surfing […]

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Fáilte Ireland joins the line-up for Conference 2014!

First off, the European Association of Surfing Doctors (EASD) is delighted to announce “Meet in Ireland” (Fáilte Ireland/Irish Tourism Development Authority) as sponsor for Conference 2014! “Meet in Ireland” will provide overseas marketing and promotional support for the 3rd Annual Conference in Surfing Medicine, 9th-13th September 2014, at The Glasshouse. So many people have been […]

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Let’s talk about Surfing and Substance Abuse

Doctors … Surfers … Addicts? “Keeping the Surfer Healthy and Safe”; that is the motto of the EASD Surfing Doctors. For years, the stereotype of the ‘pothead’ surfer has prevailed. Yet, there is only scant data to back up this stigma1. Substance abuse amongst doctors has been more thoroughly researched. The prevalence of substance use […]

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1st EASD Global Outreach Report

Surfing Medicine Outreach 2011-2014 European Association of Surfing Doctors The European Association of Surfing Doctors is proud to present our first global outreach report. Our non-profit organisation is based on accredited applied skills, state of the art knowledge, evidence-based science, and transparency. Since the founding of the EASD three years ago, great things have been […]

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Surf-related Scientific Research and Hanging with Prof … All in a day at Conference 2014!

Our scientific line-up is on its way to Ireland too … In our Poster Presentation session, part of the evening programme on Day 2 (11th September) of Conference 2014, you’ll hear about recent findings in a range of surf-related scientific research. Researchers from the Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain, USA, and Ireland will share their expertise […]

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