Conference Speakers

Dr. Wanscher (Denmark)

Dr. Wanscher (Denmark)

Dr. Michael Wanscher (Denmark)

M.D., Ph.D. Anesthesiologist-Intensivist

Clinical Director, Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Unit Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Denmark

Hypothermic circulatory arrest, Drowning, Leadership in Pre-Hospital Care

The 2nd Annual Conference Surfing Medicine2-5 October 2013, SagrDr. Greg Dillon (USA)
Drop-in Turn-on Tune-out: Commitment, Death, and Anxiety
Consultant Psychiatrist
Home spot: Long Beach, NY

Dr. Onno ten Berge (the Netherlands)

Dr. Onno ten Berge (the Netherlands)

Dr. Onno ten Berge (The Netherlands)
Surfer’s Skin, prevention, Sunscreen
Dr. Onno ten Berge will co-lecture on the Surfers Skin.

Dr. Till Geimer (Germany)

Dr. Till Geimer (Germany)

Dr. Till Geimer (Germany)
UV-related skin disease, Surfers Skin, Sun Screen
Resident Dermatology
Department of Dermatology & Allergology at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich, Germany.
Dr. Till Geimer will co-lecture on “The surfer’s skin”

The 2nd Annual Conference Surfing MedicineProf. Miguel Moreira (Portugal)
Prof. in Human Kinetics
Training and Performance, Surfers Physiology, Surf Science
Prof. Dr. Miguel Moreira who will instruct a masterclass and lecture in training and performance in Surfing.

Tim Jones (Lanzarote)Tim Jones (Lanzarote)
Surf coaching, Substance Abuse, Performance, Surf Culture
Surf instructor & Director of Surf School Lanzarote, Caleta de Famara, Spain,ISA Certified Surf Instructor
Surf and Substance Abuse
We are happy to announce Tim Jones as speaker and co-instructor of the Master Class, “Surfing and Substance Abuse”

The 2nd Annual Conference Surfing MedicineDr. Clayton Everline (Hawaii)
Sports Medicine, the Surfer athlete,Surfers physiology, Surfers environment

Diplomate in Sports Medicine and Internal Medicine: Board Certified
Fellow of the American College of Physicians
Fellow of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine
Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine: University of Hawaii John A Burns School of Medicine and A.T. Still University
Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery
Seton Hall University School of Health and Medical Sciences
Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)
The assessment of the Surfers Athlete

During the conference he will share his experiences in a presentation called “the assessment of the Surfers Athlete”.

Dr. Karina Oliani (Brazil)
Dr. Karina Oliani (Brazil)
Extreme Environments, Expedition Medicine, Survival, Preparation, Risk Management
Dr. Karina Oliani currently is the president for ABMAR, the Brazilian Wilderness Medicine and Adventure Sports Society, which is based in São Paulo. The main goal of this Society is to teach and spread the concept and promote scientific production of expedition and remote medicine in the main Brazilian universities.

Dr. Patrick Scully (Ireland)

Dr. Patrick Scully (Ireland)

Dr. Patrick Scully (Ireland)
General Practitioner, MSc Nutritional Medicine
Performance, Nutrition, Surfers’ Diet and Longevity

Peter Conroy (Ireland)Peter Conroy (Ireland)
Big wave Rescue, Jet-ski Retrieval, Impact Zone, Tow-in, Irish Slabs
Paramedic and firefighter for Dublin Emergency Services
Certified Lifeguard
Home spot: Reilly’s and Aileens

Terry_FarrellDr.Terry Farell (USA)
Head first, Skull fractures, Prevention, Evacuation
Board Certified in Emergency Medicine
Board Certified in Family Practice
United States, Practicing Full time Emergency Medicine
Home Surfing spot: Gooch’s beach Kennebunk, Maine

Hans van den Broek (The Netherlands)Hans van de Broek (The Netherlands)
Lifeguarding, Water Safety, Training and Performance, Education
Certified lifeguard, Surf School Director of Surfles- Scheveningen – The Netherlands
Lifeguarding Workshop

Dr. Nuno Lanca (Portugal)
Spinal Fractures, Trauma Mechanism, Surfer’s Spine
Senior Resident Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Hospital de Nossa Senhora do Rosário
Home Spot: Praia Grande – Sintra.
Lecture: Spinal injuries in Surfing.

Let’s talk about Surfing and Substance Abuse

Doctors … Surfers … Addicts? “Keeping the Surfer Healthy and Safe”; that is the motto of the EASD Surfing Doctors. For years, the stereotype of the ‘pothead’ surfer has prevailed. Yet, there is only scant data to back up this stigma1. Substance abuse amongst doctors has been more thoroughly researched. The prevalence of substance use […]

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1st EASD Global Outreach Report

Surfing Medicine Outreach 2011-2014 European Association of Surfing Doctors The European Association of Surfing Doctors is proud to present our first global outreach report. Our non-profit organisation is based on accredited applied skills, state of the art knowledge, evidence-based science, and transparency. Since the founding of the EASD three years ago, great things have been […]

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Surf-related Scientific Research and Hanging with Prof … All in a day at Conference 2014!

Our scientific line-up is on its way to Ireland too … In our Poster Presentation session, part of the evening programme on Day 2 (11th September) of Conference 2014, you’ll hear about recent findings in a range of surf-related scientific research. Researchers from the Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain, USA, and Ireland will share their expertise […]

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Don’t take our word for it: What Conference 2013 attendees had to say!

Join us this year for another wonderful, fun-filled, and educational Conference on Surfing Medicine! But don’t take our word for it; listen to what last year’s attendants had to say on their evaluation forms. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and this year we aim to do even better!   On a scale of 1 to […]

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New Breed of Surfers refusing to wear leg ropes: the Pros and Cons with Tim Jones

”Surprised and scarified I saw that longboard heading for my head, I was just able to go under and could prevent getting my skull smashed.” Slightly agitated, I continued my surf session at Byron Bay. When I came out of the water I noticed more people were not wearing leg ropes. In Australia it somehow […]

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