Conference Speakers

Dr. Clayton Everline

Sports Medicine, Surfers Athlete, The Surfer's Shoulder  

Dr. Everline will talk about the most frequently injured joint in surfing, ‘The Surfer’s Shoulder’.

Dr. Easkey Britton PhD

Social Activism and Entrepreneurship - Surfers Athlete - Gender Equality and Female Leadership

Easkey Britton will lecture on Social Activism, Gender Inequality, and Female Empowerment through Surfing in Iran.

Dr. David Szpilman

Drowning Resuscitation - Public Health - Prehospital Care

David Szpilman will be lecturing on the ‘Chain of Survival for Drowning’. The chain itself is a best evidence approach for the prevention and treatment of drowning, adapted from the successfully implemented “chain of survival" for cardiac arrest. He will walk us through the series of steps that when carried out, will help to decrease mortality associated with drowning and attempted aquatic rescue.

Dr. Guillaume Barucq

Surf Prevention - Surfers Environment - Surfing Medicine Pioneer

Guillaume Barucq will be talking on ‘Surf Prevention: A lifetime overview of injuries and how we can prevent them’ and Pollution & Surfer’s Health.

Dr. Jeremy Sheppard PhD

Surf Coaching - Surf Performance - Surfers' Physiology

Dr. Sheppard is based at Surfing Australia’s High Performance Centre on the Gold Coast, where he is the Sport Science Manager and Head of Strength and Conditioning. He will be lecturing on ‘The future of high performance training and coaching in surfing’.

Professor Joost Bierens MD PhD MCDM

Drowning - Global Health - Prevention

Prof. Joost Bierens has been involved with aquatic safety all of his life. His professorship was achieved through his work on drowning. His name is linked with some of the contemporary greatest achievements in the history of world lifesaving. He will be lecturing on Drowning Prevention, Rescue and Treatment.

Dr. Maarten Verschure

Overuse Injury - Prevention - Training

Maarten Verschure is a Dutch Sports Medicine Physician, and his talk will be about Overuse Injuries in Surfing.

Maria Westerbos

Surfers Environment - Pollution - Plastic Soup

Maria Westerbos is director and founder of the Plastic Soup Foundation. She got her degree in social science and is specialized in psychology and mass communication. In 2013 she launched the successful worldwide campaign “Beat-the-Microbead” against microplastics in cosmetics and toothpaste. Her presentation is entitled, ‘Where do microplastic barrels come from?’

Dr. Olivier Chambres

Maxillofacial Injury - Surfing Trauma - Prevention

Olivier Chambres is a maxillofacial surgeon working in the south west corner of France. He is a local to the Basque area where we’ll be holding this year’s conference. He will be lecture on Maxillofacial Injuries in Surfing, their Treatment, and Prevention

Professor Brian Tissot PhD

Treasures of the Ocean - Marine Ecology - Surfers' Playground

Professor Tissot is a surfer and a marine ecologist with over three decades of experience conducting research on temperate and tropical marine ecosystems. He will be informing us of the Current State of the Marine Environment, and we How Humans as a species Are Influencing its Ecology on a Daily basis.

Dr. Onno Ten Berge

Surfers Skin - Public Health - Prevention

Onno ten Berge is a Dutch dermatologist, and will present on ‘Surfers as ambassadors in the fight against skin cancer’.

Dr. Andrew Nathanson

Surf Survival - Wound Care - Marine Environment

Dr. Nathanson will lecture on Wilderness Wound Care in the Marine Environment.

Knee injuries in the barrel: how heavy and deep can you go?

This article was originally published in July 2013. In response to the unfortunate injury news that has forced six (6) time Female World Surfing Champion, Stephanie Gilmore to withdraw from the upcoming Oi Rio Pro in Brazil, we have decided to republish as this feature considers some of the likely issues involved. Gilmore withdrew from […]

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Keynote Speakers The European Association of Surfing Doctors (EASD) is delighted to introduce another Keynote Speaker for Conference 2015.   Dr. Brian Tissot (California, USA) Professor Tissot is a surfer and a marine ecologist with over three decades of experience conducting research on temperate and tropical marine ecosystems. He received his Ph.D. in Zoology from […]

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Surfer’s Academy: “Why do we ride waves?” by Boris Bornemann

Surfer’s Academy – “Why do we ride waves?” by Boris Bornemann from The EASD on Vimeo. Boris Bornemann explores the psychological and neurobiological processes underlying wave riding at Outreach 2014: Surfer’s Academy (Saturday, 13 September 2014). Learn how Intrinsic and Extrinsic motivation, Flow states, and Dopamine pathways are at play when we surf. What drives big […]

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Highlights: Pipeline Surf Medicine Conference

Highlights: Pipeline Surf Medicine Conference from The EASD on Vimeo. The Pipeline Surf Medicine Conference was organised by Waves of Health in conjunction with the Straub Clinic and Hospital, Honolulu, Hawaii, and took place on Saturday, 06/12/2014. Medical specialists, including Dr. Clayton Everline MD, and allied healthcare professionals gathered to share their knowledge, experience, and […]

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Rips and stuff!

“Rip Currents … What Every Water User Needs to Know” by Tim Jones Rips are, to most of us, a fantastic aid to our surfing when understood. They help us pass out through waves to the takeoff area and often they define the “peak” and create a better breaking wave. So what are rips? A […]

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