Rips and stuff!

“Rip Currents … What Every Water User Needs to Know” by Tim Jones Rips are, to most of us, a fantastic aid to our surfing when understood. They help us pass out through waves to the takeoff area and often they define the “peak” and create a better breaking wave. So what are rips? A […]

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Safety in the Surf

“Preparation is key to staying safe” by Peter Conroy Developing robust ‘in-the-surf’ safety procedures, like those we employ for fighting fires and tackling other emergencies, has long been a personal goal of mine. Surfing safety is quite new to Ireland, as is surfing.  Devising procedures for safety in the surf is, relatively speaking, in its […]

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Cold Water Immersion

“Cold water immersion – treatment and practicalities in the field” by Dr. Patrick Buck Treating a drowning or hypothermic casualty in the field will always present a number of challenges for a first responder.  Psychological stressors, lack of equipment, unfamiliar terrain and perhaps hostile conditions can combine to make the task formidable. It is for […]

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Pipeline: A Contest Doc’s Unique Perspective

“Field Notes from the Pipeline” by Dr.Terry Farrell This year’s Billabong Pipe Masters was a very special event for many reasons. The event was held in honor of Andy Irons, who passed away in 2011. It  marked a changing of the guard, with Gabriel Medina ushered in as the new world champion and first from Brazil. Julian Wilson […]

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Surfing Injuries

Surfer’s Academy – Dr. Clayton Everline on “Surfing Injuries”

Dr. Clayton Everline lecturing on Surfing Injuries at surfer’s Academy – a Full-Day Symposium on Health-related issues affecting the Surfer and Surfing Communities. With topics such as: Dangerous vs Safe, Causes, Manoeuvre preceding acute surfing injury, risk factors, and severity of injury. Surfer’s Academy – Dr. Clayton Everline on “Surfing Injuries” from The EASD on […]

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